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Emily Sander

20 May 2024

35m 47s

An Executive’s Perspective: Lawrence Coburn Chief of Staff Lesson; and redefining the role with AI



In this episode, executive Lawrence Coburn shares his experiences and advice on effectively using a Chief of Staff, emphasizing trust and strategic planning. He talks about bringing back a former intern, Matt, to fill this critical role during a period of rapid company growth. Lawrence also discusses their AI tool, Ambient, which not only takes notes but identifies owners and next steps, creating a dynamic project dashboard. Hear about their latest feature release which auto-adds forwarded project-related emails to the dashboard.

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If we haven’t yet before - Hi👋 I’m Emily, Chief of Staff turned Executive Leadership Coach. After a thrilling ride up the corporate ladder, I’m focusing on what I love - working with people to realize their professional and personal goals. Through my videos here on this channel, books, podcast guest spots, and newsletter, I share new ideas and practical and tactical tools to help you be more productive and build the career and life you want.


Time Stamps:

00:45 Introducing Today's Guest: Lawrence Coburn

01:02 The Journey of a Founder and the Impact of a Chief of Staff

02:25 The Story of Double Dutch and the Role of a Chief of Staff

06:59 The Importance of Defining the Chief of Staff Role

12:17 Building Trust and the Evolution of the Chief of Staff Role

15:28 Special Projects and Strategic Initiatives: The Chief of Staff's Domain

17:21 The Ever-Present Challenge of Pricing

17:46 Defining Roles and Responsibilities

18:12 Communicating Roles to the Leadership Team

19:12 The Importance of Having Your Team's Back

21:36 The Unique Trust in a Chief of Staff

23:54 Introducing Ambient: AI for Chiefs of Staff

26:48 Ambient's Features and Future Directions

31:01 The Value of AI in Project Management

34:50 Closing Thoughts and How to Learn More