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Emily Sander

06 May 2024

48m 39s

How To Spot Burnout In Others And What To Do About It: Crucial Conversations w/ Dr. Gary Simonds



Dr. Gary Simonds, former neurosurgeon, is back! In episode 26 he chatted about how to recover from burnout. In this episode, we talk about how to spot it in team members and colleagues and how to have a conversation about it.

Check out Dr. Gary’s fiction book: Death’s Pale Flag.

Dr. Gary Simonds on LinkedIn

Dr. Gary Simonds is a renowned neurosurgeon and author of "Death's Pale Flag," a book examining the subtleties of professional burnout. With years of experience in the high-stress medical field, Dr. Simonds has developed a deep understanding of the balance required to prevent burnout among high achievers. His insights offer a holistic view of professional well-being, emphasizing the importance of identity beyond work. A skilled surgeon and writer, he is dedicated to educating others on maintaining passion in their careers while nurturing mental health and interpersonal relationships.


00:49 Guest Introduction: Dr. Gary Simonds
01:43 Exploring the Book 'Death's Pale Flag'
02:12 Identifying and Addressing Burnout in Others
11:51 The Role of Trust in Addressing Burnout
13:25 The Impact of Burnout on Communication
17:12 The Toll of Difficult Conversations on Doctors
26:19 The Impact of Stress on Interpersonal Interactions
33:33 Recognizing Signs of Burnout
40:22 The Gender Differential in Burnout Responses
41:21 Recap and Final Thoughts on Burnout

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