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Emily Sander

20 November 2023

24m 26s

Virginie Grange: Microsoft Chief of Staff on leadership roles in tech and success metrics



In this episode, Virginie Grange, the Chief of Staff at Microsoft, shares an insider's view of her journey and role within one of the world's leading tech companies. 

The conversation delves into her responsibilities as Chief of Staff, the key partnerships she cultivates, and her strategies for mastering the role. A crucial aspect of her success lies in aligning with her principal's vision and setting clear success metrics. She also details how she navigated her principal's transition into a new role, operational constraints, and how she leveraged her institutional knowledge.

An important highlight is Virginie’s approach to managing her team's productivity and morale while effectively utilizing her boss's time. This conversation provides valuable guidance and insights for anyone interested in leadership roles in the tech industry.


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Virginie is an experienced business professional who has spent over a decade at Microsoft, holding various roles including Chief of Staff. She has valuable institutional knowledge and a proven track record in strategy, business development, and partnership management. Virginie is currently enjoying a sabbatical, exploring her creative side and preparing for her next career chapter. Connect with her today!


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(0:00:06) - The journey from Boston to Microsoft and her Chief of Staff role.

(0:08:13) - Strategies for navigating the Chief of Staff role and understanding the principal's vision.

(0:13:11) - Managing a team's productivity, and morale, and discovering hidden talents.

(0:19:05) - The transition from Disney to Vending Games and starting a mobile gaming business.

(0:21:37) – A career break focusing on painting, sculpture, and agility in career decisions.


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