Leveraging Leadership

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Emily Sander

01 May 2024

9m 35s

Becoming More Strategic as Chief of Staff: Catalysts for Role Evolution



Are you in a Chief of Staff role and feel stuck at a certain level - you want to break through to a “higher level version” of the role, becoming involved in more of the big picture, strategic stuff, but don’t know how?

Good news. You have a plethora of opportunities to make that change. This episode is about finding catalyst moments or events to shift your role. You can use external events

like a re-org, hiring a new executive team member, scaling a team, and strategic planning.

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00:58 Using External Catalysts to Redefine Your Role

01:50 Examples of External Catalysts

05:32 Proactive and intentional conversations with your boss are catalysts to redefine your role

05:43 Being Proactive in Role Redefinition

07:22 Conclusion

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Emily Sander is a C-suite executive turned leadership coach. Her corporate career spanned Fortune 500 companies and scrappy start-ups. She is an ICF-certified leadership coach and the author of two books, An Insider’s Perspective on the Chief of Staff and Hacking Executive Leadership. Emily works with early to senior executives to step into effective leadership with one-on-one coaching. Go here to read her story from seasoned executive to knowledgeable coach.

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