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Emily Sander

13 May 2024

37m 12s

Basketball to Boardrooms and “Recovering from Corporate America”, Chief of Staff Shantel Wilkins



Shantel Wilkins stops by the show and talks about overcoming challenges in her childhood, finding a basketball coach who made a huge impact on her and changed the trajectory of her life, and why and how she had to recover from the corporate world grind. She is now the Chief of Staff at Donor’s of Color Network  and working on something she is passionate about. She encourages others to find their “mission fit” and pay attention to the stories we tell ourselves and define our own narratives.

One of my favorite quotes from Shantel is: If people don’t give you a seat at the table, sometimes you have to bring a folding chair.

Shantel Wilkins on LinkedIn

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01:21 Background and Early Life
02:36 The Power of Sport and Mentorship
05:08 Overcoming Adversity and Challenging Narratives
07:41 Transitioning to Corporate America
09:24 Finding Purpose and Passion in Work
13:51 The Role of a Chief of Staff
17:34 The Importance of Member Focus in Philanthropy
25:41 The Role of a Chief of Staff in Navigating Cultural Fit Issues
27:48 Transitioning from Corporate to Non-Profit
33:22 The Importance of Self-Care and Humanity in Leadership
36:32 Closing Thoughts 

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