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Emily Sander

17 April 2024

19m 4s

Getting Real with a Congressman: Mental Health and Vulnerability



Learn how the ranking member of the House Armed Services Committee overcame panic attacks and severe physical pain.

Emily has a special connection to this Congressman as she served as their intern right after university!

Hear about the special connection the Congressman had with his Chief of Staff throughout the process.


Read Lost and Broken

Resources listed in the back of the book:

American Psychological Association

Anxiety & Depression Association of America

Association for Behavioral and Cognitive Therapies

Find Treatment

National Institute of Mental Health

Muscle Activation Techniques

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00:09 Book Club: 'Lost and Broken' by Congressman Adam Smith
00:21 Emily's Special Connection to the Congressman
01:16 The Role of a Chief of Staff in a Congressman's Journey
02:03 The Journey of Congressman Adam Smith
05:47 The Struggles of Imposter Syndrome
07:26 The Physical and Mental Challenges Faced
09:40 The Importance of Seeking Help
11:17 The Role of a Chief of Staff in Crisis Management
16:39 The Human Side of Leadership 20:07 Quote from the book

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