Leveraging Leadership

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Emily Sander

15 April 2024

40m 42s

From Strongwoman to Life Coach: Zoe Thompson's Secrets to Resilience!



It’s not every day you get to talk to someone who has lifted a car, helps people tap into their inner and outer strength, and is an NLP and CBT practitioner!

But that’s what happened in this episode of Leveraging Leadership. Zoe Thompon stopped by and we had a great conversation around building resilience personally and professionally, balancing health and productivity, making choices and saying “yes”, reframing thoughts and acting “as if.”

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Zoe Thompson is a former international strongwoman competitor and a 20-year UK Police Service veteran. Now a transformative strength coach, she leverages her expertise in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) to empower individuals in their personal and professional lives. With a deep understanding of resilience and self-discovery, Zoe guides her clients to unlock their full potential, fostering growth through reframing thoughts and actions. Her coaching methods are enriched by her own experiences, where she mastered the art of balancing rigorous competition with single parenthood and a demanding career.

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01:32 Zoe Thompson's Background and Journey to Strong Woman Competition

05:53 The Impact of Physical Challenges on Personal Growth

10:07 Exploring Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP)

13:40 The Power of Perspective and Choice in Personal Development

20:42 Understanding Emotions and Their Importance

22:56 The Power of Body Language

24:22 How Our Physical State Impacts Our Mental State

25:09 Asserting Presence in Meetings

31:06 The Importance of Rest and Downtime

34:42 The Art of Balancing Productivity and Rest

36:58 Cultural Differences in Expressing Appreciation

39:03 Connecting with Zoe and Learning More

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Emily Sander is a C-suite executive turned leadership coach. Her corporate career spanned Fortune 500 companies and scrappy start-ups. She is an ICF-certified leadership coach and the author of two books, An Insider’s Perspective on the Chief of Staff and Hacking Executive Leadership. Emily works with early to senior executives to step into effective leadership with one-on-one coaching. Go here to read her story from seasoned executive to knowledgeable coach.

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