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Emily Sander

08 May 2024

22m 13s

Strategic Planning: 5 Crucial Steps for Success



Dive into five critical steps of strategic planning. Define your mission and vision (why does your company exist?), getting an HD panoramic view of your customer, assessing your current state, etc. Plus two bonus steps on often overlooked aspects of objectives and KPIs. 

Tune in for tips on execution and common pitfalls to avoid, chiefs of staff and leaders at any level will find actionable advice that can steer their teams towards success.


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If we haven’t yet before - Hi👋 I’m Emily, Chief of Staff turned Executive Leadership Coach. After a thrilling ride up the corporate ladder, I’m focusing on what I love - working with people to realize their professional and personal goals. Through my videos here on this channel, books, podcast guest spots, and newsletter, I share new ideas and practical and tactical tools to help you be more productive and build the career and life you want. 

Time Stamps:

00:49 Five Steps for Strategic Planning

02:15 Defining Your Customer: HD Definition

04:11 Assessing the Current State: Internal and External Analysis

07:28 Budget and Resource Allocation: The Key to Execution

10:05 Rolling Out Your Strategic Plan: Communication and Governance

16:00 Bonus: Strategic Objectives and KPIs