Leveraging Leadership

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Emily Sander

10 April 2024

6m 28s

How to deal with “incompetent” team members



This episode is about being a good situational leader when a team member is driving you nuts

First, make sure you’re using the right word to describe them. Are they truly incompetent (i.e. unable to perform a task, are incapable of it) or is this a training or communication issue - is it a “YOU thing”?

Are you “bracketing” them correctly? Teams will be made up of three groups, over performers, average (this is not a bad thing, you need these folks), and underperformers.

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00:09 Understanding Incompetence in a Team

00:59 Differentiating Between Incompetence and Different Work Styles

01:44 Recognizing the Reality of Team Performance

03:38 The Importance of Diverse Work Styles and Ambitions

04:28 Addressing True Incompetence

05:08 Evaluating and Assessing Team Members

05:59 Conclusion

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Emily Sander is a C-suite executive turned leadership coach. Her corporate career spanned Fortune 500 companies and scrappy start-ups. She is an ICF-certified leadership coach and the author of two books, An Insider’s Perspective on the Chief of Staff and Hacking Executive Leadership. Emily works with early to senior executives to step into effective leadership with one-on-one coaching. Go here to read her story from seasoned executive to knowledgeable coach.

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