Leveraging Leadership

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Emily Sander

13 November 2023

43m 10s

Eric Nehrlich: Google's Chief of Staff on alignment leadership, how to use financial data, and his top book recommendations.



Imagine growing up in a small town, venturing out, and eventually becoming a Chief of Staff for the Search Ads Team at Google. That's the journey of our guest, Eric Nehrlich. 


Listen to Eric as he shares how he developed his leadership skills through a wide variety of roles. Hear how he used his financial background to bring credibility to his Chief of Staff role. 


Discover the importance of leadership alignment vs. hierarchical power, and how sci-fi books like "Ender's Game" can teach valuable leadership lessons. 


(00:06) Leveraging Leadership

From physics major to Google Chief of Staff, discussing his upbringing in Wheaton, IL and his principal's need for help.


(10:39) Leadership and Financial Insights in Business Hierarchical power, aligned leadership, distilling complex data, and gaining credibility with engineers.


(16:24) Influence and Collective Intelligence Importance Leadership, social trust, hierarchy, and information flow, drawing on his experience with a CFO.


(24:11) Leveraging Chief of Staff's Role Emphasizes building relationships, being prepared, repeating information, and framing it to resonate.


(30:52) The Chief of Staff role, emphasizing communication, reading the Principal's mind, and avoiding minutia.


(35:40) Book Advice and stories to help leaders find solutions, recognize limiting beliefs, and take action for different results.


(39:02) Themes in Ender's Game and Shadow Bean's magical genius, Battle School perspectives, and problem-solving mindset are discussed to recognize different perspectives in any situation.


(42:15) Eric's Insights and Surprise Bonus Ender's Game explores leadership, line management, Dunbar number, independent point of view, and Chief of Staff roles.

Eric Nehrlich, a seasoned executive coach with two decades of tech industry experience, empowers leaders to maximize their impact. He specializes in breaking down limiting mindsets and habits. Eric's upcoming book, "You Have A Choice," distils his career and coaching insights for a broader audience. Prior to coaching, he excelled as an engineer, product manager, and Chief of Staff at Google.

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Emily Sander is a C-suite executive turned leadership coach. Her corporate career spanned Fortune 500 companies and scrappy start-ups. She is an ICF-certified leadership coach and the author of two books, An Insider’s Perspective on the Chief of Staff and Hacking Executive Leadership. Emily works with early to senior executives to step into effective leadership with one-on-one coaching. Go here to read her story from seasoned executive to knowledgeable coach.


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