Leveraging Leadership

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Emily Sander

22 May 2024

17m 16s

Mastering High Value Writing for Business Leaders



In this episode of "Leveraging Leadership," Emily discusses Erin Lebacqz’s "High Value Writing Workbook" and shares valuable writing tips for business professionals. She emphasizes the importance of knowing your reader, being concise AND nice, choosing familiar words and structuring emails for clarity. Emily highlights that every written communication, whether to a CEO or a Chief of Staff, shapes workplace culture and relationships.

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If we haven’t yet before - Hi👋 I’m Emily, Chief of Staff turned Executive Leadership Coach. After a thrilling ride up the corporate ladder, I’m focusing on what I love - working with people to realize their professional and personal goals. Through my videos here on this channel, books, podcast guest spots, and newsletter, I share new ideas and practical and tactical tools to help you be more productive and build the career and life you want.

Time Stamps:

00:54 Two Key Goals of High Value Writing

01:45 Understanding Your Reader

05:22 Strategies for Clear and Effective Writing

06:58 Making Your Emails Stand Out

10:05 Cultural Considerations in Writing

12:10 Using Writing as a Leadership Tool

15:12 Conclusion and Recommendations