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Emily Sander

24 April 2024

44m 52s

DISC Assessment: A Guide to Profile Styles for Business



Ever wonder why you “click” with some people and “clank” with others?

DISC is a behavioral assessment tool, kind of like Myers-Briggs Clifton Strengths, but I like it because it only has four Styles.

In this deep dive episode, I’ll take you through the DISC methodology, how to identify your DISC Profile Style and what to look for in others to identify their Style. You’ll get some tactical and practical takeaways for how to communicate more effectively for each Style. We’ll also go through how to tell your “natural style” and “adapted style” and what to do if they are too far apart.

I facilitated running DISC reports for my CEO and leadership team as Chief of Staff. It was a great way to get to know each other better, communicate and collaborate more effectively, streamlined and accelerated us “gelling,” and was also fun guessing everyone’s Style.


Taking Flight

Assessments 24x7 

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00:34 The Power of DISC Report in Leadership

01:58 Understanding DISC Assessment and Its Importance

02:41 The Platinum Rule in DISC

03:18 The Three-Part Framework of DISC

13:08 The Four DISC Styles: Dominant, Influential, Steady, Conscientious

16:09 Strengths and Challenges of Each DISC Style

16:43 The Dominant

18:42 The Influencer

20:37 The Steadies

23:22 The Conscientious Style

26:08 Importance of Diverse Styles in High Performing Teams

27:22 Identifying the Best Style for Different Scenarios

30:00 Understanding Natural and Adapted Styles

32:52 Adapting Communication Styles for Effective Interactions

39:32 Understanding Commonalities and Differences in DISC Styles

41:07 Practical Takeaways and Recommendations

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Emily Sander is a C-suite executive turned leadership coach. Her corporate career spanned Fortune 500 companies and scrappy start-ups. She is an ICF-certified leadership coach and the author of two books, An Insider’s Perspective on the Chief of Staff and Hacking Executive Leadership. Emily works with early to senior executives to step into effective leadership with one-on-one coaching. Go here to read her story from seasoned executive to knowledgeable coach.

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